This section provides a list of publications related to the FEBio software suite.  They include publications that used and referenced the software in the research, or that describe new features or benchmark comparisons of FEBio with other software. This list is updated several times a year based on web searches of relevant publication databases.

As of September 2017, we have tabulated 323 peer-reviewed journal articles, 36 book chapters, and 40 dissertations and theses.  We used to track conference abstracts that report using FEBio as well, but when the numbers rose into the low thousands the process became unwieldy.

If you publish manuscripts, conference papers or abstracts that use FEBio, please reference the following manuscript:

Maas SA, Ellis BJ, Ateshian GA, Weiss JA: FEBio: Finite Elements for Biomechanics. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 134(1):011005, 2012. (PubMed) (pdf)