With the advent of the plugin framework in FEBio 2.0, users are able to extend the capabilities of FEBio without having to add features to the executable or recompile the code. We encourage users to submit their own plugins that may be useful to the FEBio community.

Documentation for plugins can be found in Appendix B of the 

FEBio 2.4 User's Manual and in the FEBio Developer’s Manual .

Before filling out the “Submit A Plugin” form, please review this page to be sure you have all the required info.

What You Need To Include In The Plugin Zip File:

  1. Executable file for at least one operating system
  2. Source Code (optional)
    As FEBio is a work in progress, we can’t guarantee that plugins compiled for one version of FEBio will work with future versions. For this reason it’s preferable to submit source code so that users can recompile the plugin if necessary, providing your license allows it.
  3. Documentation
    PDF format please. Documentation for your plugin should explain what it does and how it should be used. If you choose to submit the source code in the zip file, please include instructions in your documentation on how to compile it for at least one operating system and what FEBio libraries need to be linked. Also specify which version of FEBio you used to compile the shared object libraries.
  4. Sample input file and expected results (e.g. .log and .xplt files)
  5. License
    Include the license for your plugin. Format in .txt or .pdf please. The FEBio team does not enforce your license nor does it require you to have one. This license is between you and your plugin users.

Other Info Needed For Plugin Submissions

  1. Brief description of the plugin
    This is the description published on the FEBio plugin page. No more than two paragraphs of reasonable length. We reserve the right to edit for clarity and length.
  2. Representative Image Of The Plugin.
    This is the image published on the FEBio plugin page. No more than 800px in width or height and try to keep it under 100kb. We reserve the right to edit submitted images to fit our website requirements.
  3. Contact information for plugin support.
    This is published on the FEBio plugin page. As the plugin developer it is your responsibility to provide support for your plugin.
    Your options:

    • Provide an email address for users to contact you. It must be one that you respond to.
    • Use the FEBio plugin forum. If you choose to use this as your point of contact you must respond to user questions in a reasonable time frame.
    • Submit a url for the plugin website or a url for your self-maintained forum.

Plugin Approval For Publication On

After submitting your plugin, the FEBio developers will make sure the sample input file works as described but no additional validation or verification will be performed.


In the case that a plugin becomes obsolete due to incompatibility with the Release version of FEBio, you will be notified. If the plugin is not updated, it will eventually be removed from the Plugin download page.