FEBio implements plugins, which are dynamic libraries that allow users to extend FEBio’s capabilities without having to recompile the entire code.  Instructions for building plugins can be found in the FEBio User’s Manual and Developer’s manual.

Plugins are submitted by developers independent of the FEBio project. Use at your own risk.

  • Wang-Shenoy Material  2.15 MB
    Filename Shenoy.zip
    Filesize 2.15 MB
    Version 1.0
    Date added April 29, 2019
    Downloaded 587 times
    Tags finite element modeling, hyper-elasticity, mrl, nonlinear constitutive modeling
    Plugin Author Steve A. Maas
    Plugin Support    MRL Plugin Forum
    FEBio Version 2.9
    This plugin implements the constitutive model by Wang et al. (Biophysical Journal, 107, 2014, pp:2592-2603). This novel material proposes a mechanism for long-range force transmission in fibrous matrices enabled by tension-driven alignment of fibers. In addition to the plugin file (Win x64 only), the zip file contains the source code and example problems.
  • FEBioChem  4.90 MB
    Filename FEBioChem.zip
    Filesize 4.90 MB
    Version 1.1
    Date added September 16, 2020
    Downloaded 585 times
    Tags chemical reactions, finite element modeling, mrl, reaction-diffusion
    FEBio Version 3.0
    Plugin Author Steve A. Maas
    Plugin Support    FEBio Forums
    Date updated September 16, 2020
    FEBioChem is a plugin that implements a solver for the non-linear reaction-diffusion-convection equations. It allows users to model chemical reactions in a non-deformable mixture framework. The chemical species are considered solutes that diffuse in a solvent but can also be bound to the solid phase of the mixture. This plugin replicates some functionality of the FEBioMix module, but since it assumes the matrix does not deform, many calculations can be optimized for improved performance. The plugin can also be used to solve traditional chemical reactions, without the mixture framework.