FEBio implements plugins, which are dynamic libraries that allow users to extend FEBio’s capabilities without having to recompile the entire code.  Instructions for building plugins can be found in the FEBio User’s Manual and Developer’s manual.

Plugins are submitted by developers independent of the FEBio project. Use at your own risk.

  • DataMap  1.50 MB
    Filename DataMap.zip
    Filesize 1.50 MB
    Version 1.0
    Date added April 29, 2019
    Downloaded 525 times
    Tags extrapolation, imhomogeneous, interpolation, mrl, sparse data
    Date updated September 7, 2017
    FEBio Version 2.9
    Plugin Author MRL
    Plugin Support    MRL Plugin Forum
    NOTE: The features in this plugin are now integrated in FEBio3 and users no longer need to install this plugin. It is retained here for users who want to use the datamap features in FEBio version 2.x. The DataMap plugin allows users to generate material parameter data that varies continuously between two surfaces in 3D space. The plugin interpolates the data to the underlying mesh independent of the type of mesh topology that has been used (e.g., trilinear hexahedron, quadratic tetrahedron, etc.).