FEBio2 implements plugins, which are dynamic libraries that allow users to extend FEBio’s capabilities without having to recompile the entire code.  Instructions for building plugins can be found in the FEBio User’s Manual and Developer’s manual.

Plugins are submitted by developers independent of the FEBio project. Use at your own risk.

Trans Iso Mooney-Rivlin (Gordon 1966)  897 KB
Filename Gordon1966_R2.zip
Filesize 897 KB
Version 1
Date added October 17, 2018
Downloaded 321 times
Tags Gordon, muscle
Date updated April 11, 2016
FEBio Version 2.4
Plugin Author Heiko Stark
Plugin Support Heiko Stark
This plugin is based on the transversely isotropic Mooney Rivlin material in FEBio but adds a stress term based on the force-length-curve by Gordon et al. (1966) for the active contraction. With this plugin, you can easily change the muscle properties to accommodate different muscle types.