FEBio Studio Webinar Series

Please join us at our webinar on FEBio Studio on Wednesday, February 10th from 9am – 10:15am (MST).

Defining contact interfaces is often an important aspect of modeling in musculoskeletal simulations. However, setting up contact and choosing the right contact settings can often be challenging.
In this webinar, we will focus on setting up various contact interfaces, and discuss best practices for successful contact simulations. We will also cover the various file formats associated with FEBioStudio and FEBio, including fsp, fsm, feb, and xplt.

Participants will learn:
* differences between the different file formats used by FEBio Studio, and how to use them.
* how to control the output to the xplt file format and understand differences between data formats used in this file.
* some background on FEBio’s contact algorithms.
* how to setup, and analyze FEBio contact models in FEBio Studio.
* best practices and various “tricks” for successful modeling with contact

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