FEBio Studio Webinar Series

Topic: Intro to Biphasic Materials

Time: Jun 9, 2021 09:00 AM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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This webinar presents an introduction to biphasic materials for modeling porous media mechanics in FEBio. This first webinar on biphasic theory focuses on its description of tissues as mixtures of a deformable porous-permeable solid matrix and an interstitial fluid. An overview is given of representative responses of biphasic materials to loading, especially in relation to interstitial fluid pressurization and flow. A description is provided of the governing equations, required constitutive models for the solid matrix stress and the hydraulic permeability that governs interstitial fluid flow, associated material properties, and essential and natural boundary conditions needed to solve biphasic problems. Guidelines for creating biased meshes at free-draining boundaries are provided. Several representative biphasic analyses are also reviewed.


Gerard Ateshian, Ph.D.

Gerard Ateshian, Ph.D.

Andrew Walz Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Professor of Biomedical Engineering @Columbia University, New York City.

Dr. Ateshian’s primary research is in the field of soft tissue mechanics, with an emphasis on cartilage mechanics, lubrication, and tissue engineering, the formulation of growth theories for biological tissues, and the implementation of computational frameworks to solve challenging problems in these fields. His primary clinical interest focuses on the treatment of osteoarthritis