World Congress of Biomechanics – FEBio Workshop

World Congress of Biomechanics – FEBio Workshop

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The FEBio software suite is a set of free software tools for nonlinear finite element analysis in biomechanics and biophysics (  It offers modeling scenarios, constitutive models and boundary conditions that are relevant to many research areas in biomechanics.  The software is open-source, and pre-compiled executables for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms are available.  This workshop is divided into three parts:

(1) Overview of FEBio features, with emphasis on new developments.

(2) Hands-on tutorial for beginners, e.g., setting up large deformation elastic, viscoelastic, biphasic models. Contact analysis. Computational fluid dynamics analysis.

(3) Hands-on tutorial for advanced users, e.g., parameter optimization, developing a plugin to implement a user-defined constitutive relation.

Click here to download the presentations (as pdf files) and the corresponding FEBio input files.

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