FEBio Workshop SB3C 2022

FEBio Workshop SB3C 2022

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This workshop was held at SB3C 2022 on June 23, 2022.

The FEBio workshop will offer beginning and intermediate users of FEBio a full-day course on how to setup FEBio models, run, and analyze them. All demos will be given using FEBioStudio, the new, fully integrated software environment for FEBio.

The workshop will be divided in several focused, hands-on sessions, with topics including importing geometry, creating surface and volume meshing, doing solid mechanics and biphasic analyses, handling material anisotropy, setting up contact models, performing parameter optimizations, and more. Participants will also learn proven techniques for debugging their models, avoiding common pitfalls, and improving runtime performance. There will also be opportunities for discussing specific modeling challenges with the FEBio developers, so participants are encouraged to bring their own models and questions to the workshop.

The models that were created for this workshop can be found in the model repository in FEBio Studio (under Workshops\FEBio Workshop SB3C 2022).

The presentation slides can be downloaded here.

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