FEBio Studio is an integrated environment for FEBio, which allows users to generate, and solve FEBio models, as well as visualize and analyze the FEBio results. FEBio Studio also provides access to the online FEBio model repository, where users can find examples, tutorial models, and curated FEBio models that were used in peer-reviewed research studies.

FEBio Studio comes with the latest version of FEBio so no separate installation of the FEBio solver is required (although still possible). Installation files include the FEBio Studio and FEBio solver executables, documentation, and examples. The most recent version is the stable version. Previous versions are available for your convenience. We recommend using the most recent version for best results.

Release Notes

Check out the release notes on github:


You can find the legacy versions of FEBio, PreView, PostView and the SDK’s on the archive page.

Source code

The source code for FEBio and FEBioStudio can be found on github.

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