FEBio is a software tool for nonlinear finite element analysis in biomechanics and biophysics and is specifically focused on solving nonlinear large deformation problems in biomechanics and biophysics. Aside from structural mechanics, it can also solve problems in mixture mechanics (i.e. biphasic or multiphasic materials), fluid mechanics, reaction-diffusion, and heat transfer. As a true multiphysics code, it can also solve coupled physics problems, including fluid-solid interactions.

FEBio Studio is the main software tool for developing, running, and analyzing FEBio models. It offers a graphical user interface for interacting with the FEBio software. Since FEBio is a command-line code, it uses file-based communication. FEBio Studio is the easiest way for creating FEBio input files, and for visualizing and analyzing the FEBio output files. In addition, FEBio Studio offers access to an online model repository, where users can quickly find example problems, tutorial models, as well curated models used in peer-reviewed research publications.

The development, distribution, and support of FEBio and FEBio Studio is a joint effort between the Jeff Weiss’ laboratory at the University of Utah and Gerard Ateshian’s laboratory at Columbia University.

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As of August 2020, the FEBio community consists of over 12,000 registered users. The installation packages for FEBio have been downloaded over 60,000 times. The number of downloads over time tracks closely with the number of registered users, suggesting that our users continue to show sustained interest with every new release.